Latex FAQ'S

Why is Eastman Natural Latex different?      

Our company has manufactured high performance latex and foam products for 4 generations.  We have sourced specific components with the latest technology to provide superior comfort and support.  The 100% pure latex products that we have specified represent the “highest quality and value” in the industry.  We use a blend of both natural and synthetic latex to provide the most consistent comfort and durability

Is all latex the same?     

No.  There are latex products made in many areas of the world.  Our ENL pure latex products are made by the world’s largest manufacturer of latex.  These products are made in the USA and conform to stringent ISO certification standards.

Is latex different than memory foam?  

Yes.  Latex creates” less pressure points” and “less tossing and turning”.   It is much easier to adjust your comfort level.  Latex has a much higher “comfort index” than memory foam.  Latex is based on natural components.  Latex breathes.  Memory foam is synthetic and has a plastic chemical composition.  It does not breathe.  You sleep “on” latex.  You sleep “in” memory foam with a “hotter” sleep.  Latex is 2 dimensional with both pressure relief and support.   Memory foam is 1 dimensional with initial pressure relief then it firms up resulting in more “pressure points”.  Latex provides 33% more pressure relief than memory foam.  Latex is “up lifting” and has no floor.  Memory foam is “sinking” and has a high compression level with a floor.  Only latex is breathable, antimicrobial, and anti-bacterial.

Is Latex durable?      

It is the most natural and durable cushioning material available.  Latex is legendary for its comfort and durability.

Is Latex healthy for sleeping?

The latex component is ideal for allergy patients.  It is hypo-allergic, dust mite resistant, and anti-microbial. (Complaints to latex allergic reactions are monitored by the FDA. To our knowledge there has never been a single complaint to the natural rubber found in the latex from our supplier.) There is no skin contact with our components which are covered by fabric and a UL tested FR barrier. In addition, our latex components go through an extensive washing cycle and oven manufacturing process that eliminates any proteins.

Why are there so many choices of mattresses?

The top layers of a mattress provide pressure reduction.  Our 100% pure ENL latex products reduce pressure and provide various combinations of comfort and support while conforming to the body contour.  We have created 2 ENL choices of pure latex firmness. In addition, we have created 2 levels of HD support foam. The combination of our unique CloudFlote Performance foam and new Balance foam work to provide increased comfort and support to our ENL pure latex comfort layers.  In positioning these various combinations, we can create that “just right” comfort level for our customers.  These products will provide years of consistent comfort and support.

Why does ENL have a smooth cover?

All of our ENL products are inner quilted to a UL tested FR material to provide a “cool and comfortable”  body conforming surface above the latex. This protective cover is sewn (we do not use zippered covers that can break or slip) so that it will not shift over years of use. With over 40 years of manufacturing latex products we have found that this is the best way to encase the pure latex and performance foam components.

Please compare ENL Pure Latex to Talalay Latex.

Our 100% pure latex can be manufactured to the desired size with no fabrication or glue.  Talalay latex is made in molds in twin XL and queen and are then glued together. There are no glue seams in ENL 100% pure latex products.  ENL latex has a more consistent feel due to the new, Advanced Dunlop, gravity continuous pouring technology. Talalay latex depends on matching cores that have similar compression and volume in the pour from their mold.  This inconsistency causes problems with the “feel” of the mattress. ENL 100% pure latex has a higher density for a greater quality and durability. ENL Latex weighs 3.75 lbs. per cubic ft and is 30-35% denser than Talalay latex. The low density of Talaly means less durability with a weight less than 3 lb. per cubic ft. NPL 100% pure latex has more density and consistency for improved resiliency.  Talalay latex has generally been tested to have only 20-30% natural content which means less resiliency. The NPL 100% pure latex product uses a significant amount of natural latex in our blend.  Natural latex enhances the elasticity of the product. It is also beneficial to the environment. The sap of the rubber tree (hevea brasilinsis) is a natural and inexhaustible material. The rubber trees are grown on plantations and have a life span of over 30 years at which point they are replanted.  Rubber trees neutralize over 90 million tons of CO2 each year and act with the purifying of air (similar to a rain forest) Our ENL 100% pure latex uses natural latex that is derived from ISO Certified Plantations (ISO 14001) that meet stringent quality requirements.