Our Company has been manufacturing latex for four generations. For the last two years, our R & D Management Team has been working with the world’s largest latex manufacturer to create Eastman Latex Technology. A new advanced gravity manufacturing process has been developed for greater choices of comfort and support.

The Eastman Natural Latex Technology... Pure Performance Latex and Latex Advanced Hybrid Collections with a complete "choice of comfort" for Today's Consumer.


     Advanced Pure Latex Component Design

     Innovative Comfort & Support

     Superior Durability

     Environmentally Friendly

     Advanced Gravity Dunlop Technology

     HD Performance Foam Creates
“CloudComfort" Support


     Correct Spinal Alignment

     Less Pressure Points

     Less Tossing & Turning

     Deeper Stages of Sleep

     Increased Breathability

     Hypo- Allergenic, Anti-Microbial