The mastering of an art form is achieved through perseverance, determination, and the drive to create innovative objects of desire that surpass all expectations. Eastman House, the creator of the 1st innerspring mattress, has a sleep heritage of 150 years in the art of sleep. "Through mattress design and manufacturing, we have created products that have stood the test of time."

The Eastman House Gallery offers the consumer a unique choice of "state of the art" Handcrafted sleep products. Founded in 1866, the Eastman House company introduced the 1st innerspring mattress and grew to be the largest mattress company in the central U.S. For 150 years, Eastman  House has created a premium sleep experience. Eastman House utilizes patented individual coil technology, with natural latex, and the latest in memory foam cushion technology.

Our commitment to create the consumer's best sleep experience continues. We invite you to shop the Eastman House Handcrafted Collection!